Internal Cross Charging

Automate your internal cross charging every month.

Now you can automate your internal cross charging – on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. And when you need to redistribute the areas in the system, the cross charging will also follow suit. And when you need to redistribute the models in the system, the cross charging will follow suit.

Within the module, you can input your annual budget, update the quarterly forecast, and review actuals after making changes. You can also track the history of changes by comparing budget/forecast against actuals.

Optimizing the utilization and managing each object in your property portfolio is important to consider as a part of the framework of your annual budget process. The challenge lies in managing continuous changes, e.g. a department needs more office space, or a property is being rebuilt. You need an internal cross charging based on the surfaces and areas used by different business units, faculties and/or departments. Welcome, Pythagoras´ Cost Manager!

Pythagoras´ Cost Manager provides you with:

  • An automated and flexible internal cross charging.
  • Automatic distribution of joint costs across shared areas.
  • Automatic re-distribution when areas change.
  • Flexible and frequent re-distribution of internal charges.
  • Easy reporting of budget, forecast, and actuals.

Here’s a short explanatory video of how it works (in Swedish, change to English subtitles):

Automate your internal cross charging every month.

The cost allocation is based on your drawings/models and is automatically updated into the Cost Manager module when changed.


Changes are made continuously. Thanks to the simplicity, all changes will be included each time you run the update – monthly, quarterly or annually. You choose.

Reporting and actuals

Follow your historic data while working with budget, forecast and actuals, and avoid missing out on important insights in your analyses.

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