The system support ensure that you do not miss important dates, generates accurate reports and backs you throughout the entire inspection process. You can also handle deviations in a simple way to ensure a complete and approved inspection. All necessary information is gathered in the system, to meet the authority requirements for inspections that your properties face.

  • Keep track of important dates and deadlines
  • Work with different types of inspections
  • Manage deviations that arise during inspections, all in the same system

Types of inspections

You can manage all authority inspections and other types of inspections in the system. With access to the correct protocols and inspection templates, you can facilitate the process and have all necessary information available. You avoid extra preperations and can easily enter your inspection plan for your objects.


The system gives you a clear overview of all upcoming inspections. You can easily plan recurring, important inspections at different intervals. When the inspection date is approaching, you will receive a notification and can assign the errand to an external inspection executor, or an internal resource. That gives you control and ensures that no important actions are neglected.

Mobile app

The app has all the functionality required to perform a complete inspection. The executor has access to the necessary inspection protocols and a clear overview of which measures must be handled. After the inspection is completed, the outcome is immediately reported back, and you can easily follow up the actions in the system.

Future investments

Inspections give you a clear view of the condition of your property portfolio. The results provide a basis for strategic decisions regarding future investments and maintenance.

The entire process in the same system

The system provides complete control over the inspection process and allows you to follow the case from start to approval. Any deviations detected during the inspection can be easily handled, thanks to the seamless integration between all modules.

External parties

External parties are only given access to specific information and functions that are necessary to perform a given task. All historical and relevant information about external parties is stored in the system, which enables you to analyze costs and quality.

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