A Property and Facility Management Platform for universities

Pythagoras is a flexible property system adaptable for universities to meet the challenges of today. The standard solution is developed in cooperation with a number of universities that use the platform – among other things for cost distribution or efficient handling of error reports. With an intuitive interface, the solution offers an integrated experience including everything from a digital archive of your drawings to financial and technical management, all available in the cloud. With all data in one system, everything is streamlined. From space optimization to contract management and property strategy, our modules are fully integrated and searchable. Information silos belongs to the past. Our APIs are ready to create synergies with other systems and sensors.

3D models for all premises

The ability to create digital models facilitates many aspects of property management in higher education institutions. In a visual interface, you get a clear and updated view of the classrooms, and can guide students to the right place. You can easily manage internal cost allocation, areas and equipment, including research instruments and projectors. The digital models of the properties are also useful when cleaning your premises, enabling a more efficient work performance. In a comprehensive system, with precise models based on the same, updated information, everything from planning to reporting is streamlined.

Continuous support structure

Our ways of working is based on a broad experience, and provides a clear structure for resource management, and by implementation of your new property management system. Our experts are at your service from the start, and offer continuous support to ensure that you get the most out of the system according to your needs, even after the implementation.

  • An easy-to-use system for all thanks to the visual graphics in the system
  • Pythagoras is an overall solution. One solution, common interface
  • You can easily manage your drawings/models when your premises change

Our solution transforms property information on paper with drawings, into a digital and accessible resource for your entire organization.

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A flexible and efficient way to handle notifications – regardless of the type of contract. An integrated agreement management system can also secure that you never miss a contract expiry date, or when an agreement needs to be renegotiated.

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An end-to-end solution – from disposal to quality control. All features are fully integrated, however you can also them separately according to your needs.

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