Optimize media consumption

With integrated energy management, it is easy to keep track of and streamline your property’s energy consumption. You can easily collect energy data from various sources, either by entering information manually, uploading existing files, or connecting sensors and meters via API.

Simple reporting

All your energy data is secure, stored in our cloud, and accessible wherever you are. We are providing you with tools so you can follow your energy consumption in a comprehensive way with graphs, reports, and key figures, and easily share with other stakeholders. You can also analyze different properties’ energy consumption over time, and find areas for improvement.

  • Streamline your follow-up, for media consumption in combination with other property information in the same system
  • Use climate correction for a more fair view of your operation
  • Take advantage of the possibilities by integrating with external systems and sensors


The integration with the building module enables an easy follow-up of consumption for each type of building, business, or per meter.

Key Performance indicators (KPIs)

Configurable functionality where you can get a quick, updated overview. Completely dynamic and adapted to your search options.


The integration with the drawing module automatically retrieves all data concerning each building's area.

A sample of customers using the solution today

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