Manage your drawings digitally

As an experienced property manager, you know time is money, and that accuracy is key when it comes to property management. Our solution transforms property information on paper with drawings, into a digital and accessible resource for your entire organization. The digital models of your drawings are as easy to use for your cleaning staff when finding their way around the premises, as for you by visualizing your property portfolio, or getting a clear view of which agreements are valid for which areas.

This is digital drawing management and how it works

  • Digital twins: By using the original drawings, Pythagoras’ system creates an accurate 3D model of the property. No more outdated paper versions or misunderstood sketches.
  • Automatic space calculation: All the property´s areas are automatically calculated, in accordance with Swedish standards. You have access to the exact information in real time.
  • Quick update: By re-construction or change of the use of an office area, you can update the 3D model yourself. The information is instantly syncronized all over the organization.
  • App reporting: If someone in your cleaning staff detects something that is not right, they can easily use the app to report the issue. Everyone contributes to keeping the drawings up-to-date and correct.

Manage drawings in different formats

Our solution supports standard drawing formats such as DWG, Revit, Raster, PDF, IFC, Fi2, and Excel. After the drawings have been imported into Pythagoras, you get direct access to everything from classic construction drawings to fire drawings, all in one place.

Real-time updates

With all of the organization connected to the same cloud-based system, everyone always has access to the latest version of the drawing.

Automatic calculation

The system calculates the net area automatically, in real time, according to Swedish standards. No manual calculations are needed, and all type of area complies with Swedish standards.

An overall solution

The drawings are fully integrated and synchronized with your property registry, to ensure that you always have the latest information at hand.

A sample of customers using the solution today

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