Visual Property Registry

Take the next step on your digitalization journey with a fully integrated registry of all your properties. All information about your owned and rented real estate, regardless number of properties, is gathered in an adaptable and flexible place. Simply choose the level of information, and get a direct overview of key figures, such as number of buildings or square meters. Sort by region, property, area, or the parameter best suited for your organization. Then you can quickly delve into each individual object and find the information you are looking for.

Digital model of each property

To simplify and make the work more visual, you can link the drawings to the property registry. This will give you a digital model of each property, instead of the list you usually work with. For each adjustment you make in the model, the database is updated throughout the system, and you can be completely sure that you always have reliable information at hand.

  • A flexible solution that allows you to focus on what you benefit from the most.
  • An intuitive platform where you quickly can get the information you are looking for
  • A graphical user-friendly interface enabling you to see exactly what each item looks like.

Component Registry

You get a complete record of all your components – regardless if it's a projector, heat exchanger, fire extinguisher, or other equipment that you need to keep track of.

Key Performance indicators (KPIs)

Configurable functionality helps you get a quick, updated overview. Completely dynamic and in line with your search options.


With the help of Google Maps, you get a visual overview of your properties´ locations.

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