Smart contract management

A digitized and integrated contract management system transfers the information from the traditional desk drawer to a searchable digital environment. You have full control of your contract information – contract periods, incomes and costs. This means that you’ll never miss a contract’s expiration date or when a contract needs to be renegotiated. And that you get a flexible and efficient way of sending notifications – regardless type of agreement involved.

Overall contract management in a digital environment

Your agreements work seamlessly with Pythagoras’ other modules. One click immediately gives you all the information regarding the premises the agreement is associated with. In the same way, you can easily retrieve all agreements for each individual object from your properties’ overview in the system. With your drawings in the system, you can also can see a digital model of the object, providing a clear view of which area an agreement is linked to. With all contract management in the same system, you get an overview that simplifies and allows you to work in a more transparent manner.

Contract management for tenants

  • Control of terminations and notice times
  • All contracts and contract documents in one place
  • Simple administration ensures that the data is always correct

Contract management for landlords

  • Easy adminitration of rents
  • Easy administration
  • One system for all types of contracts


Through the integration with your financial system, you can easily create all the documents required for invoicing according to the contracts. You also get the feed back in Pythagoras.

Rent administration

Streamline your work with functions that allow you to manage all agreements in one place. Extend or index all agreements that need to be adjusted, simply by pressing a button.

Link agreements and drawings

With Pythagoras' comprehensive solution, you can quickly find out which agreements are linked to each individual area, property or object.

A sample of customers using the solution today

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