Technical Management

In Pythagoras the basis for your technical management is the digital models and digital twins. In the modules for Technical Management, digital twins provide you with a good overview and gives you an efficient work day.

To keep a property prosperous, you need to involve a lot of people. And the number of different contacts areas usually makes it hard to overview. To avoid a time-consuming chase for information, Pythagoras organizes and aggregates all data in a searchable cloud-based environment. Everything, from budget to your operational staff’s job descriptions, is accessible in the same system and app to make the work as smooth as possible.

Aggregated data for a smooth technical management

The system provides you with functionalities for everything, from major renovations to fire safety, “SBA”. You get a complete record of all your components – whether it’s a projector or a heat exchanger. By integrating all parts of technical management, you get more time to spend on evaluating and streamlining your work. Each task can be followed up carefully – was it correctly performed? How long time did it take? Everything can be reviewed and improved, and nothing is missed.

  • Integrated modules, increased control of your technical management
  • Internal and external stakeholders working in the same system
  • Optimize your daily operations by following up, and learn how much time and money are spent

Technical management – a sample of functions

Plan for major actions, such as reconstructions or renovations. The system facilitates your work with budgets based on what tasks need to be done. In the graphical planning interface, you can easily manage actions over time, control what has been completed and what still needs to be done.

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In this module, you can keep track of your preventive maintenance in a flexible graphic calendar. The system gives you full control with proven actions for supervision and maintenance to prevent expensive emergency failures. In the app, your operations staff receives a task description and can report back.

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Easy reporting by urgent maintenance issues, such as vandalism or a broken fan. Work assignments, error reports, and orders are all reported in Pythagoras, My Pages, and managed by your operating staff in the mobile app. Does a principal need to have something fixed? Regardless what your customers need, they can easily place orders from the premises they rent from you.

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You can easily search for and obtain information about everything in the building. The system shows each floor plan and individual component. You can see how many error reports the component has, when it was last served, its warranty term, and other information – visualized in the 3D model of your property.

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Make sure you follow all requirements for official inspections. The system notifies when due dates are approaching, keeps track of inspection results, and can manage all different inspection types and self-checks.

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The system helps you keep track of what needs to be done, with all functionality you need within the app. Create your own protocols, and find out exactly where the component is in the digital 3D model of your property.

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