Supervision and maintenance

Increase the lifecycle of your objects and reduce long-term maintenance costs with regular supervision and maintenance. You can manage the entire process, from planning to implementation in the same system and app. The system helps you keep track of large amounts of errands in order to take action at the right time.

  • Clear overview for smooth handling of large amounts of actions and lists of rounds
  • Planning tool to facilitate resource management
  • Follow-up of planned, executed and remaining actions

Planning tool

Maximize efficiency and simplify communication with a calendar tool where changes take effect immediately. This gives you a visual overview of all open tasks, where you can allocate the workload evenly for your operating staff. The system then creates round lists for the entire year based on time, place and person in charge.

Reduced personal dependence

I det digitala systemstödet tilldelar du åtgärder till rätt driftgrupper och användare. In the digital solution, you assign actions to the right operating teams and users. Regardless beeing internal resources or external contractors. All essential information is available so that anyone from your operating team or contractor can take action. This minimize the dependence on individual experts and secure execution.

Access everywhere

For field work, there is a fully integrated app keeping the organization updated in real time. The operating staff has access to all the necessary information for smooth handling and feedback. The app also means that you can carry out actions directly on site. A digital model of the premises is helpful as a visual tool.

An overall solution

A fully integrated system with everything needed to complete the action. For example, you can create error reports directly on site linked to the current action you are handling, .

Clear overview

The calendar gives you an overview of all planned actions. As needs and conditions change, you can easily adapt, adjust and replan.

Operating rounds in the app

The app is designed for the daily work of patrols and ensures that your operating staff has up-to-date information about planned actions, regardless of where they are.

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