A Property and Facility Management Platform for the industry sector

Property and facility management in a manufacturing company or an industry is often complex and varying. To be on top of all type of areas, such as cost allocation, data management, and all equipment, is key for an efficient operation. Pythagoras is a flexible and user-friendly overall solution for property management, designed with you in mind – both in terms of technical and financial management. Pythagoras offers a number of different modules that can be tailored to meet the specific challenges in your industry, while also being technically viable to fulfill your future visions. This gives you a scalable, overall solution suited for both global and local organizations.

Aggregated data for effective decision-making

With all your data in one system, everything is streamlined. From area optimization and contract management, to strategic decision-making. As you possess all data, you can secure an effective optimization of all areas. When you want to issue reports, you have the control of the data, meaning you always have the right information available by decisions or renegotiations. Even if you decide to change subcontractors. In Pythagoras you find visually clear and precise digital twins of your premises, and you can manage everything from contracts to cleaning. No more isolated information silos! The system also has ready-made APIs, making synergies with other systems possible, for example sensors.

Structured implementation and support

In large industry companies time and resources are och great value. With a well-established structure, based on broad experience, you are guaranteed a smooth transition from decision to full implementation. Pythagoras’ experts are always available to support you once the system is implemented.

  • A user-friendly system to address immediate needs, and technically viable for future visions
  • A scalable overall solution
  • A viable system for both global and local organizations

Manage your properties' market values ​​and assessed values. Rental income and pledge visually presented in grafics for each region, property, type of property or building, with all values aggregated in the desired hierarchy according to IFRS16.

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Pythagoras offers different modules that can be tailored to meet the specific challenges in your industry. You can choose and adapt the system according to your needs.

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A unique platform for Smart Buildings and IoT which, among other things, gives you the opportunity to view IoT devices and values ​​via a 3D model as well as sustainability data. The IoT units can, for example, be energy meters, printers, coffee machines and different kinds of sensors.​​

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