Case Management

In order to maintain efficient property management, a smooth handling of errands is necessary. The case management module integrates the issuing of work orders, error reports and orders in a user-friendly environment. In the mobile app, your operating staff has immediate access to the necessary information on site, which facilitates quick feedback.

  • Flexible and transparent flow of errands
  • Status update notifications
  • Customized environments for internal and external users

Complete case management

You can handle everything from simple error reports, such as a broken lamp, to larger maintenance projects involving the entire organization. The entire work process can be handled in one and the same system. It becomes easier for everyone involved, and nothing ends up in the middle of nowhere. Whether you are the janitor or responsible for the budget, you can collaborate and communicate easily.

Analysis & optimization

The systems’ data provide you with key figures which helps to analyze the information efficiently. How often does something break? When does it need to be replaced? By identifying patterns and costs, you can strategically plan your maintenance and avoid unnecessary repairs. A well-organized case management provides quick responses and enables you to take control over the operational security of your business. The system also offers functionality for SLA management with execution schedules and follow-up.

Secure communication

With internal staff, external contractors and suppliers accessing the same environment, it is easy to get an overview of the current situation. Through continous updates, your operating staff can answer questions immediatly. It is comforting to clearly see the status of an errand, when it starts, who handles it, and when it is expected to be resolved.


As all the different modules are seamlessly integrated, you can create orders in Planned maintenance or error reports in Supervision and maintenance. It works equally well for all different purposes and gives you an overview.


By each errand there is a function allowing the executor and the notifier to communicate. Everyone has access to the information they need have to execute their tasks. The notifier can easily folow the status of the filed errand, also when handled by an external contractor.

Mobile app

In the specially developed app, your operating staff has all the information and functionality they need to carry out their work, regardless of location. The functionality to describe finalized jobs with documents and images, enables more efficient addtional work.

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