Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance includes maintenance of land, buildings and installations that can be budgeted in a several years´ maintenance plan. Large, important projects are often a heavy financial item within operations. The system provides you with an efficient management of the entire maintenance process, and a user-friendly overview where everyone can collaborate and communicate in a simple way. KPI´s and a visual interface, gives you a clear overview of which short-term and long-term maintenance you need to prioritize to keep the property in good shape.

  • Take an overview of both short-term and long-term maintenance
  • Manage the entire maintenance process effeciently
  • Share information easily within the organization to facilitate decision-making

Digital work process

A digital tool is crucial when managing large amount of data of planned maintenance over time. It provides a clear overview, streamlines work processes, and enables internal information sharing for well-founded decisions. It also facilitates budgeting and planning of the significant costs that the planned maintenance accounts for. By managing actions over time, keeping track of completed work, and mapping future needs, you get a smooth and controlled process.

Budget simulation

In the simulate budgets and changes, and handle several different budget proposals to facilitate decision-making. This means that actions not within budget, are postponed and may be added to the total maintenance debt. After each action has been performed, the system logs information about the outcome, providing you with an overall picture of all actions and an overview of the total maintenance cost.

Analysis and follow-up

In order to manage your maintenance debt, it is necessary to carefully evaluate and address any delays in the maintenance process. The solution includes a planning tool that gives you the opportunity to follow up and ensure that no essential maintenance is overlooked. By concentrating the efforts on pending measures, you can avoid greater financial strains in the future, and ensure long-term sustainability.

Maintenance codes and price list

The system is equipped with maintenance codes and price lists following industry standards. Flexible cost management is made possible through simple price adjustments on maintenance codes, which facilitates adaptation to market changes.

Cost management

The system enables you to manage different cost types, including estimated, quoted and actual outcomes. An important and necessary part of cost management.

Automated work process

Benefit greatly by integrating your planned maintenance with your order transaction stream and with information about the outcome transferred from the accounting system. This provides an automated flow of cost reversals for planned maintenance.

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