Searchable Component Registry

The component registry represents a digital list of all components in your inventory, e.g. doors, elevators, office supplies, units. Through this registry, you can efficiently manage large amounts of data related to your components and their attributes. This gives you an overview of technical and financial information, including warranty conditions.

  • Keep track of all your components, in detail
  • See exactly where, on each floor, each component is deployed
  • Flexible layout, where you can categorize yourself the open, searchable fields

Efficient component management

Your component registry can be shown as either a list or a map, enabling you to search quickly for the information you need. In addition, you can visualize the components as objects in the digital model of your property. Your operating staff can then check each floor, where the components are clearly highlighted in their correct locations. The tool makes it easy to move, copy and manage large amounts of components in a visually clear way.

Data driven property management

In your daily work, the component registry becomes a tool for retrieving data easily. By self-administering the registry, you can create grounds for decision-making to streamline your property management. In order to visualize the data, it needs to be structured, where the system offers flexible solutions for managing various attributes and large data sets. Already from the start, you have access to a list of the 380 most important components.

Analysis and optimization

The systems’ data provide you with key figures which helps to analyze the information efficiently. How often does something break? When does it need to be replaced? By identifying patterns and costs, you can strategically plan your maintenance, and avoid unnecessary repairs. A well-organized component registry provides you with quick answers, and the control you need.

Keep track

Register your components and get quick access to relevant information. For example, you can easily find out how many components there is of a certain type, or how many playgrounds have swings.


The entire organization can benefit from a component beeing registred. It provides insight into factors such as case history or future maintenance.


Through the linked drawings, the component is visualized in its physical location in the digital twin. In the model, you can move, replace and copy components, or use it as a map.

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