Systematic fire protection

Systematic fire protection work (SBA) mainly involves inspection rounds that systematically check and ensure fire protection. The digital system has smart features to ensure you comply with all legal requirements. It helps you to keeps track of all important dates, and notifies you when it’s time to schedule an inspection round. During the round, you have access to a digital model of the property, where each component is clearly marked in its physical location.

  • Don’t miss any important dates
  • Digital models as a visual tool
  • Manage deviations

Inspection rounds and plans

The digital models of the property is a central part of the systematic fire procection round. The models shows precise location of the fire components, which is a prerequisite for performing the inspection round, and creating evacuation and response plans. If an error is detected on a component during the round, the system has all information available about warranty period, latest examination, and other relevant facts.

Mobile app

The app is used during the round to check and report directly on site. You can get a tour of work carried out, compiled with documents on how it went, and the status of the entire inspection. The system allows you to easily check KPI´s and graphs, enabling you to optimize the process,


The system provides you with a comprehensive overview of all performed check-ups, by reports and key figures. You can also plan recurring actions in a flexible way.

Status report

You get information on any specific requirements for the inspection, important dates, and intervals. When you register the outcome of the inspection, the result is immediately transferred to the system.

Digital twin

Through the linked drawings, you have a digital model of your property available in the app. This model acts as a map during the inspection round, clearly showing everything that needs to be checked, marked with the correct floor, room and location in the property.

Manage deviations

The system provides a seamless functionality for error reporting for problems that may arise during the inspection round. With all information in one system, the work order immediately gets assigned to the right person for action, in order for you to complete your sytematic fire protection inspection (the SBA).

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