Cleaning execution

With the tools such as planning, calculation and digital models, the system provides you with everything you need to carry out the cleaning tasks as efficiently as possible. The staff uses the mobile app with the digital models as a visual tool. The app is seamlessly integrated with the system. This gives you a real-time updated overview of the situation, with the opportunity to easily communicate with different parties within the operation.

  • A user-friendly app for you cleaning staff
  • Simplifies communication between your cleaning staff and those who manage the administration.
  • Good options for feedback contribute to an optimal delivery

Manage deviations

Our user-friendly app gives your cleaning staff the opportunity to report deviations and communicate directly with their manager. in case of deviations, such as a meeting that prevents cleaning, your cleaning staff can take photos and add comment to explain the situation. With the mobile app enables your staff to receive orders and inquiries directly on site.

Tools for the cleanings staff

The cleaning staff sees their individual schedules when they log in, With the support of digital models, they get at clerar view of where, when and how something should be cleaned. Cleaning instructions, videos and lists facilitate the work, and make the process simple and accessible to everyone, regardless of language. The plain interface, with its user-friendly features such as color-coded headings, provides a clear understanding of each assignment.

Quality check

After completing the assignment, you can follow up and evaluate the quality of the cleaning in a separate app to assess the need for change in the delivery. The customer have access to the result, which are used for evaluation whether something needs to be changed for future assignments. Quality data insights can result in changes of basic data, which leads to new times, prices and schedules for the cleaning services.

Planning based on reality

There may be a deviation between planned and actual time. If the planning needs to be adjusted to maintain quality, you can easily adapt the delivery according to the data you collect.

The staff's everyday worklife

The app for the cleaning staff is developed with great consideration for the user experience. Colour codes and clear headings make the workday easier. Reporting with images makes it easy to explain the cause of something happening.

Quality check

Manage quality follow-ups on work performance in the app. By analyzing the results and identifying any challenges, you can adjust the process to achieve better results. You can easily share information with your clients, to improve transparency based on facts, and review action plans together.

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