Cleaning planning

Our planning tool provides you with all you need to describe how, when and what cost a cleaning assignment can entail. By using a digital tool with visual models of your premises, you can easily collect and analyze the information you need. The system collects data such as frequencies, days of cleaning, areas and other relevant factors to make the planning of time schedules and work shifts more efficient. The flexibility of the solution allows you to choose the level of detail you prefer.

  • Exact and accurate calculations
  • User-friendly tool for planning
  • Flexible funktionality to manage cleaning time schedulesand costs

Exact calculations

When your client places an order, a model of their building is used, providing you with precise timings for different areas. The system calculates the cost based on time. This gives you an accuracy in the calculations that allows you to provide customer reports showing what each part of the assignment costs – a transparency that creates clarity for the customer, and makes it possible to analyze and optimize the assignment afterwards.

Easy and flexible planning

When the assignment is accepted, you have all the information you need available in the system. The graphic model, calculations, KPIs and reports, give you quick and exact answers about the assignment, both in detail and on an aggregated level. The tool gives you an efficient resource planning based on parameters such as frequency, days and areas. By using Pythagoras’ planning tool, you get a detailed plan with information about time consumption and need of resources, which facilitates your scheduling.

Collection of core data

The planning phase is fundamental for a smooth transition to other functions within cleaning.

Supports your planning of resources

With access to all data in one system, you get a clear view of the need and resource allocation for each assignment.

An overall solution

The system enables a well-planned cleaning delivery with the support from smart functions throughout the entire work process. From planning to implementation, the system offers effective tools for a transparent and successful cleaning operation.

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